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Since I was close I decided to stay the night in York Pennsylvania and visit the Harley Davidson York operations where they assembled my CVO street glide in 2009. What, no cameras or phones allowed inside? Guess they are afraid the competition will learn something. Since no pictures allowed and tours had to be scheduled I elected to take a few pics from the outside and buy the shirt.

york operationsyork operations 1

Now deep into Pennsylvania and when on the back roads I am seeing manure on the roadways, it did not take me long to figure out where it was coming from.

amishWhere is the Amish Mafia? I am in Lancaster County where the TV show was based but no signs of the dickhead Eli. Easy to tell which farms are Amish with the clothes hanging on clothes lines. They also have huge barns and huge gardens with most having a few goats, cows and chickens hanging around. All are very neat in appearance.

tidy farmtidy farms

Have to ride slow on these hills, it will wake you right up coming over the top of a rise and seeing a slow moving horse drawn cart in the middle of the road. I gave them plenty of right of way but the locals seem to enjoy seeing how close they can get to them and how fast they could pass them, kind of like how bikers handle the  pedal heads in and around Boulder where I live.

I better figure out how to do Delaware since I will not be this close again so back into Maryland and some backroads to Delaware when I came across this old church and community.

rock creek preb churchNow that is an old church, yet looks somewhat modern.

rock creek chu rock creek church

Skirting around Philadelphia to Delaware was a trick but I was able to find back roads and a laid back enjoyable ride.


Found a spot on map that looked interesting and can now mark Delaware off the 48 state list. Really enjoyed the time spent in this area around Delaware City.

central hotel delaware canal harbor delware city streetWell from here, I am not sure where I am headed, but I am on my way.

where im going

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