The people you meet on the road, not Elvis.

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“Where you headed?”

“Just going, no where in particular, on sabbatical.”

In a motel parking lot in Alabama, the guy was loading up a mini van with the kids stuff. I didn’t pay much attention at first while I was loading my bike but after he asked the question I noticed the Arkansas tag on his mini van said “Persian Gulf Veteran” and then his wife chimed in.

“Yeah he did that once for a year.”

Now I was interested and the conversation began. Gary returned from the gulf wars, went through a divorce, cashed it all in, bought a new Harley and took off for a year. He was really in tune with what I was doing. Later in life he ended up in Oak Grove Arkansas and became a business man.

“I never grew up wanting to be a trash man, but that’s what I am.”

Gary owns a trash business that services Eureka Springs Arkansas a very lucrative market. We laughed about the trash man comment, but I think he appreciated that I understood it was a big deal and he was really a business man. Then he springs on me that he also owns a bar.

“It’s not really a bar, people just come there and drink, we have vet night often and you can’t miss it. It is at the 4 way stop in Oak Grove. If I am not there my wife usually is.” So if any of you happen to go through Oak Grove, tell Gary hi for me and I am sure you will be treated right. Oh yeah, he was on his way to Florida for a wedding but promised the wife and kids a short vacation with it since he will be taking off on his motorcycle later for a little trip up north. See you in Sturgis Gary!

Mushrooms in a tree stump, never saw this before!


“You been to the museum yet?”

“Naw, I was going to go and then got turned around the other direction so didn’t go, maybe I go back. Is it crowded, I saw a lot of people go that direction.”

“Well. it can be crowded, but not usually, they got some really nice cars in there.”

“Yeah I imagine a few Cadillac’s huh, any old motorcycles?”

‘Might be some motorcycles, but mostly old cars.”

“Oh okay, I wouldn’t mind seeing Elvis’s panhead motorcycle..”

“Oh hell no, I’m not talking about Elvis house, I am talking about the car museum. I don’t promote Elvis cuz I don’t promote drug use and Elvis was a junkie!”

I was at Starbucks in Tupelo Mississippi, I thought I was hidden well enough behind by the dumpsters and under a shade tree, but here comes this old man driving up in a beat up truck. He was driving real slow and then once he spied me he stopped, blocking me off from getting out. At first I thought maybe he was a cop checking me out, hell maybe an undercover cop driving that old beater truck. Turns out he was just a lonely old man that used to ride motorcycles,  saw me and my packed up motorcycle and decided to stop and visit while being my personal tour guide. After he turned me away from going to Elvis birthplace he tried to get me to go see where Daniel Boone kept his horses. It is a parking lot now and there are no signs or anything but “By God I know for a fact that is where Daniel Boones horse corral was!”

So, how the hell did I end up back in Mississippi? Headed to Arkansas again, my favorite state to ride in and I need some cooler Ozark weather for awhile. This place is just begging for a picture!


This abandoned gas station at Leslie Arkansas had no parking signs all over it but I didn’t see anyone around so I trespassed!


I though that was just the neatest damn place to take a picture yet and then I came across this gas station!


Those gas pumps are actually paintings.

I found my cooler weather for sure in Arkansas and I found a spot marked on the map with the highest elevation in Arkansas. Mt Magazine.



I also found some stuff in Arkansas I would have rather not seen, but this is what trees look like after a tornado!


And then an RV park


This is the second trip to Arkansas where I cam across tornado damage right next to the road and I never viewed Arkansas as being in tornado alley.

Eventually I reach a destination in Arkansas where I know some people and decide to spend a few days with them on Beaver Lake. While there I insisted I name the hill that is on the land they recently acquired. It is a beautiful place and hills down here are called knobs.

“Chuck, does that knob show up with a name on any government maps or anything?”

“No, I don’t think so, I looked.”

“Well good then! I hereby declare the name of that thar hill, I mean knob and damnit the word knob is important here; Reverse Cowgirl Knob!”

And with a high five, a clash of the bottles it was done!


So with a glass of fine whiskey, a fine cigar and sitting on his fine boat dock in Hoot Owl Holler, my best friend contemplates the naming of his knob.


All is well in the world tonight with or without Elvis.


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    Some really cool pics – especially liked the one with the gas tanks! Reverse Cowgirl Nob??? LOL!!!!


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