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So I wrote a letter to a really good friend of mine last night. It wasn’t really a letter but an email, I just like the sound and feel of “I wrote a letter.” In the letter I told him that I wish time would slow down. While I am having a great time, I feel like I may run out of time and not make all 48 states before it snows or my promised date to go back to work. I may have bitten off more than I can chew and starting to feel like I am not enjoying the journey like I should because I am started to plan out the routes, making decisions on dates of where I need to be when and it is all starting to stress me out.

My friend wrote back. In his response, he said I was reminding him of his dad. A farmer who plans his whole day around dinner which he eats at the same time every evening. He will not start a new task if it may interfere with his dinner time. He will not go somewhere if the travel back will put him past his dinner time and all along he really could eat dinner anytime he wanted but his routine and comfort level has not let him realize it anymore. He told me to quit worrying about it, I had time.

My friends response stung! Me; Mr, Free planning the trip around a schedule, riding hard every day to make a planned stop for the day and missing the journey. Thanks friend, you are right, I have the time.

“Do you know why I stopped you?”

“Uhh no.” I knew I wasn’t speeding, hell I saw him in the medium from the top of the hill and made double damn sure I didn’t speed. I had just hit the main highway after leaving the “the tail of the dragon” and I could tell he was checking me out pretty good when I went by. My feelings were right, he pulled in behind me and then passed me and waved me over.

“I stopped you because it appears you are riding without a helmet and North Carolina requires a proper helmet for all motorcycle riders”

” Uhh, this is a helmet sir and I was wearing it.”

He grabbed my helmet, examined it and said ” it is a novelty helmet and not a proper helmet. Colorado requires helmets, do they let you get by with this?”

“No sir Colorado is not a helmet state.”

He took my license, registration and told me to stand in the ditch away from my bike. At least 50 motorcycles went by with over half wearing novelty helmets. Novelty helmets are light weight, mostly plastic non DOT approved that a lot of bikers wear when in a helmet required state. The popular belief is that you wont be stopped or ticketed for them as long as you are not breaking any other laws.

The officer came back and handed me a ticket for not wearing a helmet. He seemed pissed when he said ” You were right Colorado doesn’t require a helmet, I googled it.  The ticket cost me $161 bucks and I have a feeling if he had been right and I had been wrong he might have just give me a warning but at least he let me ride off and didn’t take my bike. I promise this will be the last helmet story. I rode to Asheville Harley Davidson the next day and bought me a real helmet so between the ticket and the new helmet I am out about $350 bucks. It was hard to let the old one go, after all it was customized with flat black paint and cool stickers, but I left it at the Harley shop in the rain.

At least I had entertainment while I was at the Harley shop. Meet “Tank” the skateboarding bull dog

tank the skateboard dogGoogle the skateboard bulldog and you will find Tank gliding along on the skateboard like a pro and when he is done he grabs it on the side and takes it back up the hill. Note the chewed up sides of his board. According to the owner, Tank doesn’t like skateboarding in the rain so they loaded up and left. I tried to get a good pic of Tank riding in his special built carrier on the back of the Harley but Tank had his ass to me.

tank headed out

Riding downtown Louisville Kentucky in the middle of a workday, don’t know what the hell I was thinking but seemed like a good idea at the time. Was really drawn to the old buildings and I knew it would start raining any minute. At least in town there would be plenty of places to shelter if the rain got really bad instead of out in the country looking for horse ranches where I really wanted to be.

row houses louisville Lots of red brick row houses line the way to the middle of town. Lots of people and cars line the way once you are downtown, but it is one cool downtown.

downtown louisvilleThis hot dog motorcycle I am riding overheats in stop and go city traffic so I looked for a road that I could move on and cool the air cooled motor off. The road I found actually took me to a bridge which crossed the Ohio river and landed in Jeffersonville Indiana which was a pleasant surprise of a town and the view of downtown Louisville looked even better from this side of the river.

louisville from indiana

The old bridge across the river is really neat.

bridge across ohio

I realize now that I am really on a sabbatical as I checked my on line banking today and see my vacation has ran out and they quit paying me at work. Ouch!  I was kind of hoping they would forget and keep paying me, then we could argue about it later on whether I had to give it all back or not.

“Wow, they should see you coming easy enough!”

I am getting that a lot about the bright orange color I recently painted my motorcycle.

“Well that isn’t all bad, it not like I am robbing banks or something.”

The guy laughed and said, no you wouldn’t  want to use that for a getaway vehicle after robbing a bank.

Little does he know I have my eye on the Northfield bank in Minnesota, hell them blockheads up north want even notice will they Bob and Jim.

Kentucky! Horse Ranches! That is what you think of when you think Kentucky isn’t it?

horses in ranch

And Kentucky had some mighty fine ones with huge majestic barns and fences.

horse ranch 2

I especially love the stone fences that go with a lot of them around Lexington.

stone fences

Came across this really old church with a graveyard out back that blew me away. Lots of markers from the 1700’s. The church appeared abandoned and run down as was the cemetery itself. Let the pictures tell the story.

church and old tombstones

bell in church

inside church

I took the picture of the inside through a broken window. See the ghost playing the piano? Outside more gravestones tuned over and broken.

old cemetary

While some of you are still looking for the ghost in the picture would the rest of you look at this car pic and tell me what kind of car it is?

what kind of car

Rolling to West Virginia. “almost heaven” C’mon, you know you singing it!

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