The Difference between Mississippi and Alabama

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” Hey Mister, this is a helmet state, just saying.”

Did that dog just talk to me?

Second time I have done this in last 3 days. I am wiped out by the sun, the heat and humidity by the time I am ready to quit for the day. Way to hot for camping out so I check in motel, unload the bike, throw everything on the bed, strip down and stand naked in front of the air conditioner. Eventually I cool off enough to realize I am hungry, throw the same stinky dirty clothes on, hop on the bike and head out in search for some local culinary sample. I have been riding Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana; all free states, no helmet required so I don’t wear it. Now I am in a part of the country that is almost all helmet required states, but I keep forgetting. This time, I was only a couple of blocks before the dog pulled up beside me and warned me. Yesterday I made it about 6 miles and had to sneak back to the motel to get it. I rode by 2 cops that either didn’t notice or were late for donuts because they both ignored me.

Forgot to mention yesterday about all the stuff on the road in Louisiana. At first I thought it was pieces of rubber tires until I saw them moving. I think they are cicadas and I killed a bunch which after I stopped to take this picture I learned they eat the dead ones.


I have never been to an all Confederate Cemetery before so I follow the signs that lead me to one. When you live in the West as I have all my life you don’t really have any reminders of the Civil War like you do in the east and especially the south. I see something related to the Civil War now about every 30 or so miles and if I stop at all of them it will take 2 years to do 48 states.


The difference between Louisiana and Mississippi is Mississippi has places to pull over and rest stops but not near as many as Texas. In Louisiana it doesn’t seem there is any state land and few city parks open to the public. Seems that every dry spot in Louisiana is private. The difference between Mississippi and Alabama; none that I notice from the road.

“Looks like you all packed up to go somewhere.”

I had heard him coming down the road, the clippity clop of horse hooves was unmistakable.

“Yep I am travelling.”

“Where to mister.”



“Well that is a good question, and I reckon the answer is because I can and I want to see what is out there.”

“Out where?”

“America, you know the USA, I want to see all the states. You ever ride a motorcycle?”

“No sir, but I been riding horses since I was two. You ever ride a horse mister?”

“Hey ride that horse over here so I can take a picture.”


Pretty sure this kid hadn’t been out of the county but in his own way, he really had his stuff together. He made a point to tell me he was going to the lake tomorrow! Today though he was Grand Marshall guarding the covered bridge hat just happened to be around corner from his home.


I could see them eyeing me as I stood under the shade at a place called Peach Park. There were four of them and they all stood in front of the stone peach monument which must have been the center piece for the park. I was thinking how good some peaches would taste that were being sold in the parking lot, but I knew what the four lasses wanted when one of them finally got the courage to walk towards me.

“You want me to take your picture in front of the peach?”

“Would you please mister?”

“Why sure I would.”

Each one handed me their phone and promptly took pose in front of the peach statue. The first phone was like mine so I knew how to use it. The second was an I phone so I needed instruction which she gladly showed me all up personal and stuff. The third was another I phone and was already set up. They all smiled and chatted up like little school girls as I told them to say cheese, I mean peach. I took the first three and then picked up the fourth phone and to my surprise it had a picture of me on it!

” Hey I am not sure how to use this phone, it’s taking pictures of me!” I fumbled with it and there were a lot of pictures of me. “Hey there are a lot of pictures of me on here, I don’t know what is going on with it.”

“They all giggled some more and Mabel finally told the others she was taking pictures of me while I was taking pictures of them. “He’s cute she told the others.”

She straightened the camera out, I took the last pic and they started to leave.

“Oh no you don’t, not yet. Somebody has to use my camera now so I can get a pic of me with the Alabama Peaches!”

They fought a little about who would be in the pic and who had to take the pic, but guaranteed Mable was going to be in the pic.




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  • Jeff


    I do not like them helmet law states, glad you didn’t get busted!
    stewed cicada’s ?? hmmm sounds yummy! maybe not as good as mutton tho, but some folks got their likes… lol
    what a bunch o’ good lookin peaches!

    Lookin forward to a whole lot more of your ride…. Love Life!!!!


  • Walt


    Other than the heat and humidity, it sounds like you are having a good ride.


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