Nashville Revisited

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Had it not been for a few wrong turns, getting lost I might not have visited downtown Nashville. A few years ago I did not give Nashville very high marks due to the traffic and the heat. The traffic and heat is still prevalent (worst traffic so far other than Austin) but I was able to find shade on Music road otherwise known as Broadway. I give Nashville a high rating this trip.



I was actually looking for the Harley shop and missed my turn so I took the next exit which happened to be Broadway, pulled into a gas station and took a look down the street. I couldn’t resist this old building which at first I assumed to be a church. No, it was Union Station, a magnificent building first commissioned as the grand rail station in 1900. Through the years and especially during WW II it served as one of the busiest rail stations in the nation. When the trains slowed and were replaced with other forms of transportation it fell into a sad state and at one time was all but abandoned. It is now an upscale hotel.

union station

Before I knew it I was on Music Row with all the other tourists and wanna be musicians who someday hope their music gets sold here.

earnest tubb records

And in their slow time they can be found playing here which is where I found my shade, Ice Tea and awesome hot wings along with awesome company.

tin roof

Seemed like every other store was a boot store. I did not realize that is where you went to buy boots and after looking at a few, it is not where I would go to buy boots unless you like fancy dancy $1000 dollar handmade boots assembled in Mexico.

1000 dollar boots

I really came to this area again not to go downtown Nashville but to do a little of the Natchez Trace Parkway which did not disappoint. If I had not actually been on this road I would not have believed this picture or a road this smooth and curvy.

curvy natchez trace road

All of the brochures and advertisements for the Natchez Trace Parkway show pictures of a massive double arch bridge so I went in search of it. What a structure and work of art, I have to admit this picture is much better than the picture in the brochures.

dbl arch bridge After riding across it (twice) I had to find the bottom and see what it looked like from there.

dbl arch from under

The parkway is so nice and smooth it just begs you to twist the throttle and weave thru the curves, but you better watch out because it is the south and Buford Justice might just be waiting around the corner. He already has the Dukes pulled over.gen lee and cop car

Pull off the parkway into the towns along the way and experience history. There wasn’t even a building in Colorado when this one was built.

1805 b uilding

This next building is actually on the Trace Parkway and was built in 1818 and 1819 and was owned by the ferry operator in the area. It is called the Gordon House.

gordon house

A local biker said Jackson Falls was a must see so I went looking for it. The steep hike down the hill to it had anticipation high but unfortunately Jackson Falls was just a trickle over rocks this time of year. It was still worth the hike though.

jackson falls

Walking back up the trail from the falls this tree jumped out at me. If it had been moon lit dark night and I saw this tree I would have nightmares for weeks. Two arms and a face waiting to grab you.

monster tree

I called it the monster tree. A little further up the trail was another tree that jumped out at me. I called it the naked lovers tree.

lovers tree

Is it any wonder I get lost? I had 5 seconds to read this sign (s) and decide which way to go.

signs signs

No problem, I like getting lost especially on this road.

more trace road

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  • copperhead


    looks like your having a BIG time Big Daddy, keep the rubber side down. MK and I will be in Sturgis 1-4 i’m leaving the 4th he’s staying the week. Maybe our paths will x


  • Swiftwater


    Best you don’t try to run from that Sheriff down there. That ’63’ Galaxie probably has the FE 406 with 2×4 set up!


  • sings to the horse


    alrighty then… Natchez Trace is now on my list! that’s a Fine lookin road!! & yeah that bridge is one cool lookin structure!


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