Tree of Shame

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Maggie Valley North Carolina should be named Magic Valley, what a wonderful place to be on a motorcycle. I could have have stayed here for a week, right here in this little motel

I met people here who spent their summers here just riding everyday and they gave me plenty of advice on where to go, what to see and best roads to ride. I didn’t listen to any of them, I wanted to fidn it all on my own. First stop though was the wheels through time motorcycle museum which is a living museum. They constantly restore, add new stuff and is also called the museum that runs since almost all of the old motorcycles actually run. I found the place and parked in front under the shade, but first I had work to do and a few conference calls to get on.

I am sure I had the best views and the best office of anyone on the call

I almost hated to leave my new office but once inside I was in hog heaven and indian heaven and every american made motorcycle ever made heaven. One of my favorite things was the old motorcycle shop scenes where it looked like they had relocated an old shop from the 30’s and transplanted it right in the middle of the museum

After hours inside it was time to say goodbye and hit the road for the famous “Tail of the Dragon” road. I have a previous post that describes the road and a u tube video link. There was really no place to stop once you got on it so not many pictures of the road. I did say in the previous post that it was 312 curves in 11 miles, I was wrong, it is 318. Not sure what fool actually counted them all and maybe I just straighetened a few of them out. At the end of the road is what is called the “Tree of Shame” and none of my motorcycle ended up on the tree

I jump ahead to the present and have Sturgis on my mind now and only a few days left. I will be going on defcon 4 alert whcih means total radio silence, no blackberry, no phone and no computer. I will catch up this blog when I get back to home base so check back but I need the last few days to myself.

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