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The blog is a couple of days behind by design and even though in blog world I am in Arkansas today; in the real world I am many miles away and it is late and I am tired so this post will be short and mostly just random pics and thoughts.

Every tuesday morning the greatest construction company in the world has a safety conference call with all the key managers, superintendents and foreman involved. It consists of the previous weeks incidents to learn from, a couple of key announcements, and a weekly safety related topic. This morning, the topic was dehydration causes and prevention. How timely since I am riding in 100 degree plus heat with indexs well above that. I learned the hard way a few years ago not to mess with it and even though I want a coke and more coffee, I drink water and more water. I drink a bottle and wear a bottle almost every 50 miles when it is this hot. During the call this morning I sent my boss this pic. I hope he enjoyed the hard hat sticker on my helmet.


Hopefully everybody reading this blog understands you can click on the pics to expand them. I know it is a hassle but I have been warned by the webmaster that downloading the blog with larger pics is a bigger hassle.

I am in the south, how do I know? I said it last year and again I try not to stereotype, but there is some close breeding going on around here, dueling banjos and all. Everybody smokes or at least it seems that way. Baptist churches outnumber the cows. Deer, what deer, they shot them all?  Every other mini van has a fat woman driving and a skinny guy riding, I am guessing the skinny guy lost his license a long time ago. The other mini vans are driven by younger fat girls texting.

The line at the chick-fil-a was longer than the line at starbucks this morning and I didn’t even know chick-fil-a served breakfast? Yep I am in the south. The  Chick- Fil-a CEO beliefs and comments might have backfired in the Denver market but down here it looks like he was a marketing genius.

I get a kick out of the political signs. I never knew you had to be elected to be a road supervisor or recorder of deeds? Tammi Warner wants to be elected as recorder of deeds and she must have a lot of money and be in a tightly contested race since her signs are bigger  than Gene Adams who wants to be sheriff.  Tammi also has more signs than all the others. One guy  has to go by the same name his mother probably calls him, “Johnny” Edwards for House of Representives.

I went searching for James McMurty’s second cousins Ruth Ann and Lynn in Baxter Springs Kansas, I never did find them though. (check out lyricks to Choctaw Bingo for the punchline)

I need to take up fishing.


 I have now been to Eureka Springs Arkansas on the motorcycle more than I have been to Waumsetter Wyoming on the motorcycle.

Best line I have heard so far on this trip. I was sitting outside a Pilot Truck stop store  and an old black man was sweeping up the trash in the parking lot . I spoke first. “How ya doing?”  “Oh, I am doing fine sir and how is it going for you?” I replied ” Hey I am doing great but I am not working as hard as you are today either.” His reply was one that will stick with me forever, “Oh I can tell you work, I don’t know anybody who has fun that doesn’t work somewhere.”  I might be in the south but those are words of wisdom you won’t find in a school book.

Did I mention I love rivers, especially the great Mississippi! The lowest level in the last 152 years, I have now witnessed something Mark Twain never did.

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  • Hardtail


    I’m glad you are staying hydrated on your trip!! How does the new bike compare to your springer on this long trip?


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