Nascar, the beginning.

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Looks like a forest fire up ahead, I am not surprised since it is so dry around here although not near as dry as it was in most of Arkansas. I climb a grade and when I get to the top it no longer looks like smoke but more like a steam cloud, maybe a saw mill or something.  Still can’t quite make it out with all the trees and hills in the way. Finally trees and hills and curves, have been waiting for these roads. I coast down the hill, round the curve and damn, wasn’t expecting this. The free map at the tourist center didn’t say this was here, it did say Watts bar but sure looks like a lake on the map. I don’t think I could ever get use to this view in my back yard.

Not sure what it is that scares me so bad about nuke power plants, maybe it was my army training and I had a lot of it on nuclear warfare, maybe I know too much. I just don’t think this is the future, there really is no safe way to dispose of spent fuel. It never goes away, it is always there waiting. I want to keep going now and get as far away as I can but I stop to look at the dam anyway. I’m walking around reading the signs, looking over the edge at the water and the dam, watching the boats when I stumble across this sign.

 Hmmm,, testing of the sirens the first wednesday of every month at noon huh. Wait a damn minute that is today, I quickly look at my blackberry to see what time it is and it shows 10:30 am but wait a minute, I still have it set on mountain time, I determine it is 11:30am and sure enough those sirens are located directly above me. Adios, I am out of here, I don’t need to hear those things go off. I need to get as far away and as fast as I can from this place. I escape what in my mind is danger only to find a new danger.

Log trucks and lots of them dropping crap all of the road for me to dodge. I don’t know how they do it, I thought I was carving these curves pretty good and going pretty damn fast but a beat up semi pulling logs catches me going down every hill riding my ass. All I can see in my mirror is a no tooth grin and a big ass grille about 10 foot of my butt. I don’t think Nascar started with moon shine drivers like the local folklore wants you to believe, I am sure it all started with log truck drivers!

I escape the logging area and I am pretty sure I didn’t get ran over. Not sure though because this is my view tonight, did i really get ran over, is this heaven?

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  • swiftwater


    Good thing you didn’t read the back of that sign. Thats the part about eyeballs swelling up till they burst and your other balls shrinking to pea size. Isn’t Elkhorn rady to head into nuclear plant construction. It is the future you know. Japan said so!


    • admin


      Not in my backyard, want one in yours?


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