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Hermitage? I had always referenced it as Andrew Jackson’s home in Tennessee but I never knew what a Hemitage was or why his home was called that. I looked it up; a hermits dwelling place; a place of relaxing retreat. After the heat and crazy of Nashville that definition sounded appealing and a good place for me to hang out for awhile. I walked right up and knocked on the front door.


.They let me in and offered to let me sit in Andrews chair. Hey this furniture looks just like the stuff in the picture behind it.


Of course Andy wasn’t there, you see he died a few years back.


.And they buried him here beside his wife in the Hermitage Gardens.

.I also toured the museum and the grounds, it was a wonderful place. Andrew Jackson positions and policies as president were controversial then and still are now but has always been an interesting person to me as well as I have always thought him to be a great leader. 

It was time to get to some backroads


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