I’m From Kansas

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A Hundred Years From Now My Great Grandkids Will Not Recall My Bank Balance, The Sort Of House I Lived In, Or What I Did For A Living………..But They Will Remember ” I Rode A Motorcycle”

“I hate to be the one who has to give you the bad news, but the plane is overloaded and we can only take 15 passengers so look at your ticket and it will tell you what number you have.”

That is what she said, but this is what she meant. ” I am the evil witch bitch and I enjoy telling you piss ants that the flight is overbooked and you poor sad looking overpaid oilfield workers are at my mercy!”

I had number 16 and now I am stuck in the Williston ND airport. The airline (Great Lakes)  answer to this dillema was to shuttle bus 10 of us to Minot, drop us off with no motel vouchers and leave it up to us to figure out what to do from there. Just what I want to do, travel 2 plus hours in a rattle trap shuttle bus with 10 other pissed off people, nope not me. I commandeered the local pool vehicle from the office and set out on a 12 hour over night drive. That bitch isnt going to stop this cowboy from going on his motorcycle trip!

While delayed and tired, I am off! New wheels this year, a true road bike with 110 cubic inches of v twin power! Tanner sure likes it. He better because someday it will be his.

Another change this year, I plan to camp out some. I just decided I am getting soft and a l true road warrior sleeps on the side of the road! Maybe a little off the side of the road, but still  in the wild with the stars and the animals and the sounds of the night. I recently read an article about a guy who camped when he road and it showed a picture of his miniture expresso maker. I couldn’t help myself, I wanted one and now I wanted to camp out. A trip to sportsman outlet and REI confirmed that camping gear, especially back pack light weight camping gear has changed over the last 30 years since I last camped out. For a total of 25 pounds, I now have a 2 man  all season hi tech pup tent, self inflating sleep pad, battery powered lantern, ground mat, battery powered fan (a must!), stove, mess kit, foam pillow, and 4 cup drip coffee maker! Best part is not only the 25 pounds but it folds up like a transformer, and it fits neatly in a small duffle bag!

The cost was a little steep but I couldn’t help myself and damn it was fun. I rationalize by saying I only need to camp out 5 nights out of 15 to pay for it, or 2 nights in sturgis. When I am done I still have all the gear and the grandkids can use it or I can sleep out in the yard, so see; it all makes perfectly good sense.  Whether I actually take it out of the duffle bag remains to be seen.

I spun the bottle and it said Kansas so off I go to find Toto, the tin man and leave that evil bitch witch in ND working at the Williston Airport!  ” I wonder if Dorothy is wearing that sexy school gitl outfit this year? “ I am from Kansas”, so off I go!

Airplane or motorcycle, I am not sure yet?

After Kansas, who knows? I do have some ideas and a general direction and then of course back to Sturgis. With this new scoot I feel like I can go further than ever before, but if I go too far, will I make it back to Sturgis in time? At least we are on the road now, the rest will come.









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  • Jason


    Have a safe and adventurous trip!! I can’t wait to follow along.


  • sings to the horse


    How won’erful to see ya back on da’ road! I got two more wakeups, & will be there myself
    Lookin forward to yer pix n stories, & who knows, maybe a chance crossing of paths on this adventure… I may not make Sturgis til that very last weekend if at all, but hey, I’ll look for ya!! I know I could spot ya on that big silver beast!!
    Enjoy my friend!!


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