Deister Road

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I remember my dad having to  rescue me twice, but neither was due to a mechanical problem, both times was because I couldn’t stay on the road in the snow, however Brother Jim is another story. I’ve heard stories of the many times my dad had to go rescue Jim and even though I was very young I remember some of those times too.  Dad wasn’t there this time to rescue Jim with his dead mustang, but my nephew Shane was. Somehow Shane was able to make the Mustang run well enough to get it and Jim home and I was able to sleep through it all. The next morning I pull up to Jim’s house and there he is working on the car.

It still took Shane to put back together what Jim had dissasembled.

I was a consultant through the process and when I wasnt looking Shane’s kid Kanyon took over my motorcycle.

“You can’t stay in one place too long can you.” This was what brother Jim said to me after he saw me make motions that it was time for me to hit the road. He was right, I can’t and even though I did not know where I was going all I could think about was getting on the road to somewhere. I did my visit and I did enjoy it but this trip was about getting away from any obligations, accountabilities and anything that ressembled a plan. I wanted to be a bum; a road bum a vagabond.

Heading east seemed natural at this point and before I knew it I was in Kansas City. The last couple of times I have been in KC it was record heat and this time was no different. 104 with who knows what kind of heat index. The road took me to a familiar place that I have very fond memories of; “grandpa’s house.” My dad was raised in Kansas City and every summer we would make a journey back to see grandpa, uncles, aunts and cousins. It was always fun for me, so much to do and a small farm to explore. The land next to the house was grandpa’s pasture before he sold it and the new owners turned it into a golf course. The golf course is still there but the house is gone. It was right here.

The old house was torn down and the remaining pasture sold and later devoloped into a retirement home. Just parking there sure brought back all the good memories. I searched around in the brush and found the old storm cellar.

I really wanted to open it up and look in,  but I was sweating like crazy and burning up in the heat plus it looked like copperhead snake central! It brought back another memory that most wouldn’t think was a good one, but to me it was, afterall how many people have seen a flying golf cart! I was only about 10 and a bad storm had rolled in. I remember everybody headed for the storm cellar and I was next to last one because I was scared of the dark hole they called a storm cellar. I remember my dad grabbing me by the shirt collar and hoisting me down the hatch. As I looked up at my dad about to close the hatch I saw a golf cart flying through the air. It was dark by the time the storm was over but the next morning when the sun was up you could see golf carts everywhere thrown about. The tornado had completely destroyed the cart house on the golf course. Later in that afternoon, wood brokers were showing up and trying to deal my grandpa out of the uprooted walnut trees in the pasture. I got to tag along with grandpa down to the pasture with the brokers and remember what a wheeler dealer he was in the process. Yep that tornado was a pretty good memory but I am not going down in that cellar this time.

After I left the old house I turned right on what is now 69th street between Parallel and State Street but at one time it was called Deister road.

I headed to Moses Grinter’s house, the first white settler in the area of what is now the Kansas side of Kansas City. He and his Delaware Indian wife settled in the area and started Grinter’s ferry at Delaware Crossing on the Kansas river.

Hey grandpa Moses how you doing?


After Kansas City I headed south on Hiway 69. I just always wanted to do the road which borders the Missouri State line. Still not sure where I was headed and  what point I would turn east into Missouri, but I kept going south and good thing  or I would never have found the statue of my brotherBob!

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  • mrchuckles


    Nice looking Mustang your brother Jim has. It looks like a good time. Thanks for the KC info. I’d always wondered about that. You shared the stories before, but this made it real. Thanks.


  • Swiftwater


    Go Pitt State…..the only school in the Nation with a Gorrilla mascot and current defending NCAA DII Football NJational Champions! In case you forgot thats my Alma Mater.


    • Sharon (Webb) Schmidt


      Wow–you look like a blonde Sam Elliott to me! I clicked on the Deister Road story, and I was so glad you shared it. All of us cousins have such great memories of Grandpa–he was a very shrewd business man back in the day. My sister Susan made a CD for our families where she and her ex taped several conversations with Grandpa. It is very interesting to hear his ideas on various subjects. I have a video of the excavation of his house that we 5 kids grew up in. After Dad moved to the high rise and Jerry moved out, there were vandals tearing things up and someone had moved into the piano room, so we had it torn down. Take care! Love, Sharon


      • admin


        Hey cuz, the piano room was the fun room with all you cousins singing and dancing! Even though the house is now torn down, I still see it when I park in the driveway.


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