Boring ass motorcycle travelogue (2012 test post)

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I left at 7am and went down I-81 towards the south until I hit the intersection and stopped and ate breakfast. I went 21.73 miles and got 45 mpg and breakfast cost me 6.73 for two over easy eggs and white toast and 1 small glass of orange juice.

Sucks, doesnt it! Over half of the motorcycle travel books or internet related sites read like the above.

Let’s try this again the Cole Motor Powered Stuff way!

“What the hell!” I am staring at the oil spot under my Harley at 7 in the morning. I had planned to be well down the road by now, but the last minute packing, checking the list and hell yes I overslept. Now I have to figure out what this oil spot issue is all about.

Thirty minutes later and I am on the road. The oil leak was………….; don’t ask, I am stupid.  It was only last night that I finally decided the direction I would be going today and now as I look straight into the sun I am already questioning that decision. It has been clear and high 90’s for the past 10 days and last night a cold front moved through and the 54 degree weather is cramping my style big time. I am thinking this year I may crack 5000 miles before I am done on this trip, but 30 miles down the road I need to stop and put on my jacket, gloves and leather rocky squirrel hat. Oh good there is a starbucks!

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  • mitch


    glad yer back up and running, can’t wait for the actual blog to start


    • admin


      Just testing right now, not sure when I can get away, where i am going or how often I will be able to provide updates yet.


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