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Its been a long time since I went to Sturgis by entering the Black Hills from the south end, in fact the last time was my second trip 12 years ago. Seems like by this time I am always in a hurry and riding the interstate to get there after a long journey. Sure is different starting out in Sturgis this year, but looking forward to the laid back ride through the southern Black Hills on what I would call the Classic Route. The new carburetor is working great except the gas mileage has went from a traditional 43mpg to 30mpg, something is wrong and with a long journey ahead that just won’t work. Start simple and change the plugs, had a set of NGK but nobody told me they were metric. Damn it, Im riding a Harley, American made, American sizes! Tighten them down with a pair of channel locks, American ingenuity, have duct tape too, plus bungy cords. I know that made no sense but all three the essentials to a biker.

Hang a right at Mule Creek Junction and traffic is picking up. Traffic has always been there, but now it’s my kind of traffic!

Not only is the bike traffic picking up but it is getting interesting too. Since I now seem to be riding a Hog, as in gas hog the gas stops are always fun and there is nothing like a patriotic viking.

Or a pooch on the go.

Well the plugs made no difference, it is still a gas hog. It is running good and doesn’t make any sense. Oh well get out the atm again, gas up and ride on.

The Town of Custer SD gets no respect, it is at the southern end of the Black Hills and a long way from all the action in Sturgis. Only the real riders seem to make it this far south but more should. The people here and the businesses welcome you with open arms. How could you turn these two Custer greeters down anyway!

Couldn’t help it, this made my mind drift in a fun way.


South of Custer and the ride is great,nothing beats the fresh smell of pines on a curvy mountain road. Come around a curve and see this.

Crazy Horse Monument, it doesn’t seem to have gained much progress since the last time I was here and the feeling set in  I will never see it finished in my lifetime. Even at this stage it is a still a major attraction especially to bikers. This is only a partial view of the parking lot, there was easily 1000 bikes.

Unlike airports, downtown in major cities and most events where there are huge crowds, I feel good in these crowds. Must be because I am pretty sure I will get along with 98 percent of the people here and the scenery is always picking up and getting better.

If anyone finds one of these in a shop for sale, let me know. Peace Medal.

Someday my grandkids may see the finished monument of Crazy Horse and I hope they do it on one of my hand me down Harley’s. Hey did I mention I had a new grandkid! Tanner Sean Daniels born August 1st, 2011, time for me to get another Harley to hand down, this makes 4! The finished monument.

On the road again, headed out of the Crazy Horse park and what a road.

I found them interesting, but you would think I would know what they meant and take heed by now.

Storms here come out of nowhere fast and before you know it they blow up right over you. Getting dark and cold, you would also think by now I would know what that means too.

Ouch, ouch oh no not again, here it comes. Hail stones and these aren’t pea size, these are marble size and it’s causing chaos with the bikers. I quickly start looking for a place to pull off the road, not so much for the hail although they hurt my hard head but to get out of the way of the now crazed bikers! I take the first off road I can find along with 20 others into a grassy meadow. I park where I know I can turn around but others are really freaked out and trying to ride into the trees, I guess trying to protect themselves and their bikes. Others park as soon as they are off the road in the mud and run for the trees where I am now already standing. I am soaked to the gills but all smiles, it’s just another day in the hills on two wheels and I am enjoying the entertainment at this point. The hail never got any bigger, the rain while heavy was short lived and now I am helping people turn around in the mud with their heavy geezer glides, I am guessing new geezer glides and someday they will learn to never park pointed down hill especially in the wet grass. Some dork has his geezer stereo on full blast reporting the weather. ” Severe thunderstorms, high winds, large hail and heavy rain” No kidding, really?

Last one out of the meadow, I would rather be behind them than in front of them. I can still hear dipshits weather forecast while following them. My new mission is to remove all stereos from motorcycles. By the time I reach Deadwood I am dry, sun is out, feeling lucky and sometimes this damn camera just goes off on its own.

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  • Red Ruby


    Just getting caught up! Glad you’re doing this again – lots of fun!! I know that firm of Goldchain and Goldwing….. biggest bunch of shysters I ever heard of. Hopefully there’s not a lynchin’ fixin’ to happen. Maybe you better get a good lawyer, course that does cost money!!


  • Warrior Strips


    Interesting I seem to always have duct tape and bugee cords on hand too……..


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