This Place They Call Sturgis

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It has been fun taking everyone along on the trip with me and I hope you enjoyed as much if not more than I did. It is my last day here and I have a few annual rituals to partake in and then the ride back home. I have really really enjoyed the comments and will answer a lot of them when I get back.

The rest of my fellow men are still showing up to trade in their wares.

And with any luck maybe they can trade in for this old indian

Or with a lot of luck this newer model (providing I don’t trade for it first)

Yep Buddy that is an airplane motor, these guys are crazy!

In the meantime I must participate in annual pow wow and festive dancing

And it gets wilder by the hour.

If you go looking for me, then I am here someplace.

But don’t look to hard, I may not want to be found, I am happy here!

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Comments (4)

  • HappyFace


    Will miss your posts. Have enjoyed your ride. You would look good on that “new Indian”…..just sayin


  • Warrior Stripes


    Excellent blog as usual!


  • singstothehorse


    Two Feathers, shi’buddy, Yá’át’ééh!!
    Well Done indeed; you found the place, you told the stories to the sky, Thanks for letting us ride along!!
    Thanks for the great pix, & sharing this great trip with us all! Ahéheeʼ !


  • Curious Badger


    I sure enjoyed tagging along. Thanks!


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