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It seems as if the commenters think “Two Feathers” has lost his way and became one with the road that goes nowhere?

“What you have done becomes the judge of what you’re going to do-especially in other peoples minds. When your traveling, you are what you are there and then. People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.”  William Least Heat Moon, Blue Highways.

 It is time to leave the Yellowstone National Park.

It was time to figure out where to go from here, I could go anywhere I wanted and what a great feeling that is! I parked by a canyon to ponder a bit, my health feeling quite tolerable and thoughts of doing this forever.

“Okay Mr. Hawk, which way now?”

“Oh really, a place with three forks, much history, and a place to mark the end of this journey before turning into where the sun comes from? Okay I will go there now.”

“What is this place, there are kids having fun?”

“There are people fishing? (at least she is, he is doing all the work)

“There are dogs swimming?”

“Three forks, one river, what is this place?”

“Oh, I get it now, it is the 8emessourit, the Algonquian word for “people with canoes made of logs’ later shortened to Missouri!”

It is time to turn this metal horse around, have no doubt it will find its way to the land of many metal horses with warriors drinking firewater and offering the pretty maidens many gifts! In fact, I better keep Chief Guyasuta’s phone number handy, you never know when you may need a good medicine man with the power of the white mans law.

I really appreciate all the comments, every one of them! The names have kept a lot of people guessing and been fun too! Keep it up, it only gets better from here as I close in on Sturgis!

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  • Unoleak


    I’m hoping at the end of your journey we will be able to find out who all of the names belong too. Although it’s been fun trying to figure it out.


  • Warrior Stripes


    I bet your camera is fully charged ready to take interesting pics at Sturgis!


  • singstothehorse


    I love that Two Feathers can ask of the hawk-spirit which way to travel! The bird clan is close to the horse clan; both were born of flight toward beauty, yet though the bird has the vantage of seeing far. the Horse is the sign of Traveling; the traveling songs of the Natives are often referred to as “horse songs” so travel on, Two Feathers…. as you have seen, the horse & the bird both are guiding you…
    The ‘canyon with fence’ photo is phenomenal; you are capturing the beauty & spirit of the country… thank you!
    “at the end of the journey” we will all know one another…. kinda heavy, but true….
    and, yeah, we all are looking forward to the maiden pix!!
    (glad the health is tolerable!!) lol


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