Day 15

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The blog is a couple of days behind and reality is that today it is time to go home. I will continue to post the last couple of days and I also have a couple of themed posts I want to do so make sure you keep checking

A good friend of mind took off on his own motorcycle journey a few days ago. He has been reading this blog and emailing me private comments. I asked him to keep a diary, slow down and have fun and hopefully I gave him some ideas and safe riding tips. He has been gone a couple of days now and I received this email from him last night. I found it rather humorous and describes rules of the road on a motorcycle so well that I thought I would share some of it.

Sleasy Rider Journal,

Coeur’d Alene Idaho this evening, 1120 miles, things zI have learned:

Harley’s get mad and puke, no reason they just do. Altitude, lugging, insufficient RPM’s, lack of attention, or just to mess with you, they once in awhile load up a little oil in the heads, burp thru the valvecase vents to the air cleaner and dribble oil out the filter case. You can obsess all you want, good old truthful HD mechanics will acknowledge it but won’t try to explain it.

Don’t overpack hardbags, they will pop open and donate your latest $135 Harley jacket to some other dork 20 miles behind following you that recognizes it not to be a piece of truck tire.

(From old Harley rider ata a gas stop). Don’t believe in heat gauges or oil coolers. HD designed a big reservoir of oil, they test the hell out of their motors in the Arizona summers and if they thought they needed them they would have put them on the bike.

Stop and get your rain gear on when you see rainy clouds, not when the rain starts.

Hail, NO!

Again, Hail NO!

Don’t overdrive the day.

If you set something on your Harley, the probability it will fall off is proportional to the cost of the item, unless you bungee it, it will fall off and hit the ground. Cameras, cell phones, or brand new helmets.

Speaking of bungees, if you want your nice t-bag rain cover  to stay on your t-bag, don’t rely on the elastic opening. Strong side winds , driving rains and passing trucks will rip it off and take it.

Every driveway is a potential dragon cave with a motorcycle eating dragon.

Even with the crappy weather, its still better and more fun than workin! On to Seattle, the sun is shining.

Ride on Pedro and thanks for the email, unfortuantely I can identify!

Well it is time to leave Sturgis, the bikes,new chief

the great roads, scenery and neat places

neat road

The crazy streets of Sturgis and the girlspastys

and now if I could only remember where I parked my bike, I would leave?where did i park my bike

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  • Lucille


    I thought we were getting pretty close to the Grand Opening for you to still be cruising. Wish we could be there(at the grand opening)! The crazy one is so excited; I could not imagine it happening without you. We could hardly contain him in project reviews: something about “Sean’s TV’s”. hehe Your blog has been amazing. It has given me a smile every day for fifteen days. I look forward to your adventure next year. I can see what a great teacher you have been, Sleasy Rider Journal did a great job! So I am thinking we all need a place to leave blogs on our amazing journeys. Let’s put this together. One last thing that I have learned from you, I know you did not say it here in the blog, but it has always been it the undertone: Always, always have a “Plan B”


  • MI Gal


    Wow you didn’t stay in Sturgis long!! That guy’s email made me laugh; things you have experienced yourself I’m sure…Shhh don’t tell anyone. Safe journey home! 🙂


  • MI Gal


    PS. I didn’t see any Dude pics. Leaving the ladies hangin? Or better yet, we don’t want to see because most Sturgis bikers are packin an extra tire if you get my drift. 🙂


  • Bro Bob


    Looking foward to seeing the unedited picture book someday soon. I know you can’t do it here, because there wouldn’t be enough bandwidth. Have a safe trip back to home and will hope to talk soon. It has certainly been great riding with you.
    I think MI Gal just called people who look like her Uncle Bob “fat”!


  • cole


    I did make it back, although rather late and will add post after work, but work calls and for some reason I am way behind!


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