Day 14

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Cat is out of the bag and I am in Sturgis now, but I did jump ahead and left out the last day of getting here. How could I leave out the Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota. I know, I know, the Corn Palace? I though the same thing but the closer I was to Mitchell the more signs along the highway, the more I had to go see what the Corn Palace was all about. The Palace is actually a Civic Center, but the outside of the building is decorated with corn designs and updated annually. Its not all corn though, there is wheat, milo, and grasses thrown in.corn palace front

Various scenes from history in the form of picture panels surround the building and some are quite impressive. In a way it was the worlds largest bird feeder!corn palace lincoln

Western Ho and hit the highway again. This time in Chamberlain I took the route through downtown on a route I had not been before. At the end of town I stopped at a place that I had wanted to stop at in the past but never seemed to have the time. The Akta Lakota Museum and Cultural Center is located within the boundaries of the St. Joesph Indian School. Unfortunately they would not allow pictures inside the museum but it was well worth the stop. It is set up as a tribute to the Sioux Nation and was the most authentic Native American Museum I have ever been in. sioux museum

Next stop, (see why it takes me so long to get anywhere!), was Dakota Ridge. A lot of scenes from the movie  Dancing with Wolves was filmed in this area and many scenes filmed in this 1880’s town. It is a popular gas stop on the route to Sturgis and I have stopped here many times, but this was the first time to visit the old town and the museums inside of each old building.  One building dedicated to the movie made me want to watch it again. (if i can sit still that long) and walking out into the street reminded me old cowboy songs. 1880s town

There is another brother that did not get named after the Younger Outlaw Gang and even though he is the biggest outlaw in the clan, Casey was named after rodeo legend Casey Tibbs. There was a whole building dedicated to Case Tibbs in Dakota Ridge and he must have been from this area.

casey tibbs

Another area is dedicated to Saddles, lots and lots of saddles! Hey Chief, I am pretty sure your saddle is 1880 to 1910, I will send you some pics when I get back.saddles

I plan to do a special Buffalo day on the blog when I get back, but couldn’t resist adding this pic now

buffalo bike

On to Sturgis as soon as I post bail.jail

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  • Nash King


    Is that a custum?! I have never seen that body style of bike before! Must have spent a lot of nights hunting to get that big boy!!!


  • Jeff Kelling


    the shot of Dakota Ridge really made me think of another place you may have seen on your way up, or maybe you’ve been there some other time… ever been to Encampment, Wyo? I think you’d enjoy that little old west “town” with some of the old-timey machinery that was used there…

    You are sure proving out that old adage, it’s not the “destination” but the journey… and
    don’t know if you get tired of hearing it, but Thanks again for sharing all of this with us!

    (by the way, brand new email listed for me, old one ist kaput…)


  • MI Gal


    Great blog today! I loved the old pics…. the things Dakotan’s do to fill their free time 🙂


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