Day 7

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What day is it? It is der Mittwoch (Wednesday)

Guten tag, Wie geht’s (Hello, how are you?)

I am practicing my German because when I pulled up to the parking lot these two bikes were there first. I studied the tags for a bit and finally recognized them as German.

german bikes in lot

In the morning it was easy to spot them taking in the free continental breakfast at the motel since they were the only two bikers there. I asked if they owned the motorcycles with the German tags and they said ” Ya” I said good morning  in my best German, they gave me a second take and I thought, crap I must of messed that up. They started speaking German back and while I caught parts of it, I couldn’t keep up and had to give in and admit I did not understand. I asked their names a couple of times and never could get it right so I will just call them Hans and Heidi until they email me later and I can see their names in writing. Hans is a good looking dude with long grey ponytail, turquoise feather earrings and a really weathered vest with lots of American patches. Heidi was a great looking lady who had a terrific smile and they both had a great laugh that made you want to laugh with them. They had shipped their bikes to Denver and had been in Yellowstone the same time I was. They were headed back to Denver today to meet another friend who was landing tonight at 8pm and then they were headed to Sturgis. They had been to the US many times on bike trips but Hans said this was last time they would ship their bikes because it was gettingexpensive and the government was making it hard to do all the time so next year they will just rent. They had ridden all over the states on past trips but acted like they had never been to Sturgis during bike week. I gathered that by the questions they were asking, but could have been my bad understanding. I did impress Heidi with my directions giving the highway numbers in German. Hans promised to email me when they get back to Germany in 3 weeks and I wrote him directions to this blog. Will be fun if I see them again in Sturgis later.

hans and heidi

The road took me east and north not really sure where I was headed for sure so I looked to the skies for a little clarity.

smoke signals

Someone was sending smoke signals that said “go this way”

eagle says this way

The Eagle confirmed the way

devils movie

Where is it they are taking me?

ride by devils tower

Ah ha!  Devils Tower! If you have ever seen David Mann’s painting called “Ghost Rider’ the above picture was suppose to be a spin off of it or at least my version with thermos shining!  Thanks to the nice looking lady who used my camera and had great patience whoever you are? I also had her take a video but haven’t figured out how to embed into the blog yet.

pic at devils tower

There are many legends, folklore, and scientific reasons for how Devils Tower came to be but I subscribe to the following true story of how it really happened.

Many, many years ago when there were still many buffalo and no metal rails with cross ties and Custer was still a sparkle in his momma’s eye, two young Sioux children were playing in the meadow. Out of the woods came three big bears and they surrounded the children. The medicine man heard the children screaming and he went running to their aide only to realize three bears was getting closer to the children and he would not get there in time to fight them so he stopped looked up to the sky, started dancing and shaking sticks to the sky when the ground under the children started rising and rising  and rising taking them to safety high in the sky. The three bears still attempted to claw at the ground as it rose creating the long claw marks you see in the above picture. They say the children are still up there playing and the medicine man turned into a hawk who now circles the  tower protecting them.

Rolling East!!!! Cole

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  • MI Gal


    Awesome pic of you riding the bike with Devil’s Tower in the background!! Gut Morgen 🙂


  • admin


    Readers, I know the title is 2009 Sturgis Blog, I love the Rally and will be there eventually, but it really is all about the journey. Stay with me, but I have a couple of hard days riding to get to where I have decided to go. Like a paperboy who doesn’t deliver his papers on time, I fear that if I dont post on time and consistently you will get bored and loose faith in the blog. I don’t have an idea for each days blog until I sit down to write, I don’t have a plan for the days ride until it happens and something always does. I will try to keep it interesting, fun and be timely on the posts best I can. The joke at work is don’t ask me how long it takes to go someplace because I have no clue, I never met a road I didn’t like and there are so many out there!


  • Jeff Kelling


    Ride on, Cole! I am impressed at you blogging as often as you do! I usually don’t get my trips posted for a week or two after, but then, they’re not blogs, either. It is a lot of work keeping up like you do, just know we’re really enjoying your tales of the blacktop, whenever you get the time!

    Saving for something good in a trip to Arizona, you say? When you make it down, we’ll make a trip to the Navajo rez, I spent 3 months working out there, & became a regular at sweat lodge… you sound pretty spiritual, I know you would fit right in.

    that’s a story for a little further on down the road…

    ride safe.


  • Lucille


    I knew it, the sweat lodge is coming into the story! Cole your blog is a great lift to each day. I just went back and read the new comments to each day, what a joy. Thank you so very much for sharing your trip to Sturgis or where ever you are going or end up… what ever, you know what I mean. And that other writer, his pen has been silent for a long time. Happy Travels!


  • Elcoj


    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.
    Thank you


    • admin


      thank you for riding along, hope you keep enjoying!


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