Working to be Free…

 I know a guy, he’s a pal of mine
I say, hey. He say, I’m doin fine
I’m movin up the ladder, rung rung rung
I’m gonna get my million while I am still young

But at night when he’s had a few
His eyes say different than his tongue
They say I’m afraid that I’m just a bum

Someday when all my stuff is gone and I’m left without a dime
Time ain’t money when all ya got is time
And I can see me standin on the corner with my nine-day beard and my bright red eyes

Goin hey, hey hey hey hey, come on and listen to my story, hey, hey hey hey hey, ah hey

Just a Bum, by Greg Brown

Hey, come and listen to my story! Just like you I’m trying to make it day to day and avoid the pink slip world of being just a bum, but wouldn’t you just like to be a vagabond once, not have a care in the world, go where you want when you want; I do!

I’m checking out of life and hitting the road, come with me and let me show you what this wonderful place has to offer through my eyes and words from the highway on two wheels. This won’t be your relaxing stress free vacation sitting on the beach with a fruity drink; nope this is get out of your comfort zone hardcore straight whiskey adventure!

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sings to the horse


alrighty then… Natchez Trace is now on my list! that’s a Fine lookin road!! & yeah that bridge is one cool lookin structure!

sings to the horse


Borador eh? damn what a cutie…